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[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 27 (December 1881)

Keywords: supplement; price; contained; valuable; illustrated; ment; description; cents; improved; scientific; electric light; papers contained; scientific american; ten cents; paper read; price ten; supplements numbers; valuable paper; valuable papers; lecture delivered
Downloads: 1,142
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 26 (December 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; patent; shaft; boiler; improved; scientific; iron; scientific american; electric; cutting jaw; average sea; electric light; slide rest; swing frame; fluid batteries; letters patent; sea speed; single fluid
Downloads: 336
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 25 (December 1881)

Keywords: steam; boiler; scientific; inches; candles; patent; iron; patented; improved; electric; gold size; wood working; scientific american; safety valves; stearic acid; price list; steam gauges; sulphuric acid; steam boiler; type bodies
Downloads: 403
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 24 (December 1881)

Keywords: patented; tlie; patent; consists; improved; tion; scientific; steam; scientific american; axle; illustrated catalogue; clamping plate; initial fever; paris electrical; sir charles; opposite sides; price list; nozzle pipe; caustic soda
Downloads: 306
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 23 (December 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; patent; magnet; improved; illustrated; consists; scientific; scientific american; apparatus; torpedo boat; horseshoe magnets; christmas box; illustrated catalogue; soft iron; years ago; price list; traction rope; fine wire
Downloads: 345
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 22 (November 1881)

Keywords: patented; steam; tlie; patent; engine; consists; scientific; improved; fontaine; cotton; fontaine locomotive; steam boiler; scientific american; improved machine; cast iron; illustrated catalogue; wood working; price list; solid gold; yarn beam
Downloads: 172
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 21 (November 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; patent; iron; tion; improved; tlie; boiler; sulphurous acid; edison; nicol prism; insane persons; black sand; small quantity; steam boiler; pocket book; upper surface; price list; electric lighting
Downloads: 148
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 20 (November 1881)

Keywords: patented; fiber; steam; consists; scientific; improved; lime; patent; scientific american; grain; glass plate; cell walls; coloring matter; horse power; price list; grinding wheel; illustrated catalogue; cotton fiber; carbonic acid
Downloads: 187
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 19 (November 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; tlie; boiler; scientific; pulp; rubber; patent; trade mark; illustrated; steam engine; price list; scientific american; waste pipes; low water; superheated steam; mayall rubber; steam boiler; engraving represents
Downloads: 143
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 18 (October 1881)

Keywords: patent; fiber; tlie; steam; asbestos; cotton; scientific; patented; scientific american; apparatus; woolen thread; steam pump; carbonic acid; sea island; wooleny character; york belting; boiler insurance; electric light; steam boiler
Downloads: 155
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 17 (October 1881)

Keywords: nickel; patented; steam; scientific; tlie; iron; patent; improved; scientific american; tion; patent office; condensing engine; free trade; square inch; horse power; price list; boiler pressure; gray iron; wood working
Downloads: 157
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 16 (October 1881)

Keywords: steam; scientific; patented; water; electric; tion; center; patent; scientific american; boiler; horse power; cold water; gutta percha; steam engine; sewing machine; paper read; vitiated air; price list; steam room
Downloads: 184
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 15 (October 1881)

Keywords: patented; steam; improved; tlie; patent; machine; scientific; iron; scientific american; boiler; pay postage; improved car; sewing machine; price list; driving wheels; ten feet; steam boiler; steam engine; horse power
Downloads: 165
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 14 (October 1881)

Keywords: steam; cotton; nickel; boiler; patent; scientific; iron; patented; scientific american; cents; cloth clamp; steam power; trial order; pure nickel; steam boiler; hand cotton; sewing machine; safety valve; spontaneous combustion
Downloads: 116
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 13 (September 1881)

Keywords: scientific; patented; steam; apparatus; improved; tion; tlie; patent; scientific american; electric; rings marked; patent issued; sewing machine; trade schools; california silk; steam engine; price list; silk culture; large number
Downloads: 160
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 11 (September 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; scientific; machine; feet; improved; boiler; patent; scientific american; iron; water power; reducing agents; sewing machine; electric current; gutta percha; cast iron; sheet metal; cinnamic acid; price list
Downloads: 229
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 09 (August 1881)

Keywords: patent; scientific; patented; improved; water; apparatus; patents; steam; scientific american; iron; watch holder; rock crystal; small quantity; water supply; sewing machine; water power; wood working; barb fence; great britain
Downloads: 114
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 08 (August 1881)

Keywords: scientific; patented; patent; license; tion; boiler; machine; steam; scientific american; oil; price list; license tax; sewing machine; square yards; screw driver; sewing machines; steam boiler; supreme court; cubic feet
Downloads: 129
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 07 (August 1881)

Keywords: steam; patented; boiler; feet; improved; water; patent; scientific; scientific american; consists; large number; feed water; cubic feet; steam boiler; sewing machine; square foot; three feet; hot water; steam pump
Downloads: 130
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 05 (July 1881)

Keywords: scientific; boiler; patent; iron; american; cast; steam; patented; scientific american; inches; ultra violet; iron heads; cast iron; cross doubles; flat cast; upper leather; large number; silicious marl; iron boiler
Downloads: 106
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 04 (July 1881)

Keywords: boiler; scientific; patented; cotton; liquid; patent; solution; steam; gun cotton; acid; nitric acid; cast iron; scientific american; compressed gun; salt solution; price list; guinea pigs; silver solution; feed water
Downloads: 158
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 03 (July 1881)

Keywords: scientific; patent; iron; boiler; sulphur; inventors; water; steam; scientific american; niter; price list; mixed milk; mealed powder; cold water; cast iron; sulphuric acid; niagara suspension; patent office; suspension bridge
Downloads: 163
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 02 (July 1881)

Keywords: steam; patent; boiler; patented; electric; faure; water; scientific; scientific american; battery; plante battery; faure battery; foot pounds; red lead; water glass; price list; supreme court; narrow gauge; electric light
Downloads: 193
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 01 (July 1881)

Keywords: patented; steam; iron; boiler; improved; colors; patent; scientific; scientific american; water; feet long; electric induction; cast iron; price list; flat cast; perfectly fresh; wrought iron; elegant cloth; carbonic acid
Downloads: 140
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 25 (June 1883)

Keywords: patent; steam; patented; iron; apparatus; improved; consists; scientific; scientific american; cork; porous vessel; point foundry; hand thread; salt water; west point; red lead; sewing machine; patent granted; float gold
Downloads: 157
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 24 (June 1883)

Keywords: patented; patent; steam; apparatus; iron; consists; scientific; air; scientific american; improved; patent granted; years ago; horse power; compressed air; soil pipe; pressure gauge; house drains; indicated horse; steam engine
Downloads: 145
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 23 (June 1883)

Keywords: patent; patented; tbe; improved; steam; tlie; air; scientific; scientific american; tion; address munn; years ago; letters patent; drying rooms; patent granted; burglar proof; feed water; sewing machine; spontaneous combustion
Downloads: 139
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 26 (December 1883)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; electric; apparatus; patents; iron; patented; scientific american; boiler; american supplement; window sash; electric light; horse power; red lead; fog signal; wrought iron; gas engine; fire escape
Downloads: 156
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 22 (June 1883)

Keywords: patented; tlie; scientific; patent; iron; apparatus; improved; steam; scientific american; machine; sewing machine; printing press; patent granted; vent hole; wrought iron; soldering iron; address munn; water varnish; american supplement
Downloads: 131
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 25 (December 1883)

Keywords: scientific; steam; tbe; patent; american; iron; feet; patented; scientific american; inches; william siemens; ten feet; horse power; thrashing machine; sir william; grape sugar; address munn; american supplement; steam engines
Downloads: 115
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 26 (December 1880)

Keywords: improved; steam; patented; scientific; oil; novel; patent; american; scientific american; rubber; wood working; steam engine; sewing machine; filter bed; hudson river; american institute; compressed air; electric light; professor watson
Downloads: 147
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 21 (May 1883)

Keywords: feet; patent; patented; statue; scientific; center; steam; brooklyn; scientific american; tlie; cast iron; water closet; paper pulp; sewing machine; feet wide; patent granted; air chamber; brooklyn tower; sheet metal
Downloads: 144
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 25 (December 1880)

Keywords: steam; scientific; patented; cylinder; color; tion; vessel; valve; scientific american; patent; variegated leaved; underground railway; wood working; pounds pressure; wave lengths; young men; red hot; air compressors; twenty years
Downloads: 84
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 24 (December 1883)

Keywords: patented; tbe; steam; patent; apparatus; reis; nickel; scientific; scientific american; tlie; ten years; spinning frame; horse power; price list; cast iron; electric light; address munn; brake disks; plow point
Downloads: 97
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 17 (April 1883)

Keywords: tbe; patent; patented; scientific; apparatus; tlie; tion; steam; scientific american; consists; steam engine; muriatic acid; torpedo boats; drill chuck; horse power; steam engines; salicylic acid; sewing machine; low grade
Downloads: 115
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 24 (December 1880)

Keywords: patent; scientific; iron; patented; apparatus; american; december; steam; scientific american; machine; gutta percha; steam boiler; pumping apparatus; electric light; live stock; price list; wood working; crank pin; professor henry
Downloads: 77
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 23 (December 1883)

Keywords: patented; scientific; patent; steam; patents; apparatus; feet; tbe; scientific american; improved; steam engines; meteoric dust; horse power; patent office; sewing machine; electric light; screw cutting; cubic foot; life assurance
Downloads: 111
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 16 (April 1883)

Keywords: patent; patented; scientific; apparatus; tion; manufacture; machine; steam; scientific american; steel; sole manufacturers; letters patent; peter cooper; copper wire; upper deck; armored tower; human speech; price list; large number
Downloads: 114
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 23 (December 1880)

Keywords: steam; scientific; tbe; engine; patent; patented; tion; wire; scientific american; illustrated; coal consumed; working machinery; horse power; price list; steam engine; hessian fly; wood working; great spot; wire apparatus
Downloads: 186
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 22 (December 1883)

Keywords: patented; steam; tbe; scientific; electric; boiler; illustrated; patent; scientific american; manufacture; price list; large number; pipe lines; american supplement; horse power; sir william; hot water; electric light; intermediate span
Downloads: 119
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 22 (November 1880)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; illustrated; tion; acid; iron; patented; scientific american; manufacture; inches diameter; hydrochloric acid; electric lighting; sewing machine; wood working; post office; steam gauge; sulphuric acid; hot water
Downloads: 121
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 21 (November 1883)

Keywords: patented; steam; scientific; tlie; patent; steel; apparatus; iron; scientific american; tion; salicylic acid; northern pacific; natural gas; address munn; life insurance; total amount; human blood; iron sand; net work
Downloads: 110
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 14 (April 1883)

Keywords: patented; patent; scientific; consists; improved; american; apparatus; steam; scientific american; iron; patent granted; great red; red spot; wood working; letters patent; short time; years ago; large number; cast iron
Downloads: 139
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 21 (November 1880)

Keywords: steam; manufacture; tlie; water; patented; sulphuric; scientific; acid; sulphuric acid; tion; sir henry; sewing machine; nitric acid; steam pressure; wood working; specific gravity; sulphur vapor; scientific american; working machinery
Downloads: 102
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 13 (March 1883)

Keywords: steam; patented; filter; sand; tion; patent; plow; water; sewing machine; improved; coal dust; improved car; steam plow; hyatt filter; inches stroke; cubic feet; inches diameter; pig iron; feed water
Downloads: 107
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 20 (November 1880)

Keywords: patent; scientific; steam; ship; iron; oil; american; patented; scientific american; tlie; lawful trade; illustrated catalogue; trade mark; sir gustav; ship railway; palm kernels; wood working; electric light; horse power
Downloads: 123
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 12 (March 1883)

Keywords: patented; steam; tlie; improved; tbe; wire; patent; consists; scientific american; scientific; machine shop; linseed oil; wrought iron; steam engines; horse power; price list; cast iron; feed water; iron wire
Downloads: 113
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 19 (November 1880)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patent; american; patented; illustrated; manufacture; hose; scientific american; large; steam engine; protective suit; horse power; great variety; steam boilers; wood working; illustrated catalogue; leather hose; genuine asbestos
Downloads: 114
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 19 (November 1883)

Keywords: patent; scientific; steam; patented; tion; iron; pipe; electric; scientific american; apparatus; capita rate; address munn; sewing machine; sulphuric acid; baron nordenskjold; steam boiler; cast iron; electric light; van depoele
Downloads: 90
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 11 (March 1883)

Keywords: patent; patented; steam; boiler; consists; patents; improved; scientific; scientific american; tbe; machine shop; long distance; feed water; price list; red spot; patent law; traction engine; grape sugar; improved car
Downloads: 129
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